TM O'Reilly and his writings

Thomas Miles O’Reilly (b. 1855 – d. circa 1910) of Ballyknockan was always known as TM O’Reilly.  His family was involved in granite quarrying in Ballyknockan from the earliest days and in 1882 TM donated a baptismal font made of Ballyknockan granite to the church at Valleymount. 


TM O’Reilly is best known as a local representative and as a journalist and writer.  He served as a Poor Law Guardian, as a Local Councillor and was active in Land League agitation.  In the 1901 census he described himself as an ‘author and journalist’.


He published a number of booklets and articles on the history of the local area, but none of his writings appear in the major libraries such as the National Library or Royal Irish Academy.


Seamus Balfe recently lent me  copy of one of TM O'Reilly’s articles entitled BLACKDITCHES – Its Traditions and its Pastors’, which was published in 1906.  I have created a .pdf version of the file (750Kb) which you can read or download, just click on the title.



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John Hussey is a historical-geography.  His studies focus on human settlement and industry in north-west of County Wicklow - the area extending from Blessington into the upper Liffey valley and the Kings River valley.


He has researched and written on the region's Granite Quarrying Industry, its Weaving Industry and its Quaker community.


His most recent research has focused on the Woolpack Road, along which the region's wool and cloth was transported to Dublin. 


His book on the Quaker community of Baltyboys was published by the Irish Society of Friends (Quakers) in July 2017.